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Breaking Barriers: How Women Entrepreneurs Are Shaping the Future of the UAE?

Female entrepreneurs play a crucial role in shaping the economic future of any nation. In the United Arab Emirates, a rising number of women are now looking to establish their own businesses. Both local and international women are capitalizing on the expanding opportunities across diverse industries in the UAE. Inspired by visionary leadership and national development goals, a rising number of women entrepreneurs are significantly contributing to the economic expansion in the Middle East’s emerging business sectors.

Initiatives That Support Women Entrepreneurs In The UAE

In recent years, the MENA region has experienced a significant transformation in women’s ventures and startups, with the highest entrepreneurial activity rates globally. This growth is supported by numerous national and international strategies in order to promote inclusive economic development. There are also various initiatives to support female entrepreneurs in the UAE:

The Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC), initially part of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is a non-profit organization that offers education, training, and funding opportunities to support the career goals of women in business throughout the UAE.

For those with nascent business ideas, the Abu Dhabi Business Women Council (ADBWC)’s Integrated and Innovative Business Incubator is invaluable. This program helps women discover their creative potential and transform ideas into viable projects, providing technical support, advice, guidance, and some funding.

Additionally, UAE Expo 2020 features a dedicated pavilion for women, designed to foster meaningful discussions, support women’s visions, and highlight their societal contributions. This pavilion is a must-visit for anyone looking to engage with and learn from female leaders.

Another significant initiative is the BusinessWomen Package from Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ). This package is tailored to women entrepreneurs, offering comprehensive resources at an affordable cost to help launch and grow businesses in the UAE.

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Statistics About Women Entrepreneurs

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report (2020-2021), women lead or own one-third of established businesses worldwide, with an 11% rate of Total Early-stage Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA) globally. Notably, 83 out of 595 unicorns in 2021 were founded or co-founded by women, highlighting their substantial impact on the global business landscape.

The UAE is leading the way in gender equality within the region. According to Khaleej Times, the Emirates committed $50 million to the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative fund in 2017, and by 2018, had reduced the gender gap in the workforce by 64%. Impressively, 33% of female-owned businesses in the UAE reported revenues of $100,000 or more, outperforming those in other surveyed countries.

This positive trend is evident as the formation of female-led LLC companies in the UAE continues to increase. Despite the setbacks caused by the pandemic, which exacerbated workplace inequalities and economic challenges for women, the 2022 Global Gender Gap Report by the World Economic Forum highlights a resilient response. The entrepreneurial spirit is on a high level among women in the GCC region, where female-led startups account for an average of 40.9%. Women are successfully driving unprecedented business growth in various sectors.

Women Entrepuner

How Do Women Entrepreneurs Maintain Work-Life Balance?

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance as a busy businesswoman can be challenging. To manage your various responsibilities and ensure you’re not neglecting your business, your family, or yourself, it’s essential to set clear boundaries by designating specific work hours and family time and using a separate space in your home for work to create a physical boundary between your professional and personal life. 

Prioritizing self-care by scheduling regular time to recharge, whether through exercise, hobbies, meditation, or simply relaxing, is crucial for maintaining your mental and physical health, which in turn helps you be more productive and focused. Delegating tasks at work and home, and outsourcing where possible, can free up your time for more important responsibilities. 

Utilizing productivity tools and apps to organize your tasks and schedule, such as calendar apps, project management tools, and automation software, can help streamline your workload and keep you on track. 

Creating a support network by connecting with other female entrepreneurs and working moms can provide support and inspiration; this can be done by joining online forums, attending networking events, or forming a mastermind group. 

Setting realistic goals for your business and personal life, and breaking down larger tasks into smaller, manageable steps, can help prevent overwhelm and keep you focused on progress rather than perfection. 

Practicing mindfulness to stay present in the moment, whether you’re working or spending time with your family, can help reduce stress and improve your overall well-being. Regularly assessing your work-life balance and making adjustments as needed is important, as life and business are dynamic and what works at one time may need to change as circumstances evolve. 

Effective communication with your family and business associates about your needs and boundaries is also essential to ensure everyone understands your commitments and the importance of maintaining balance.